Message of the day

Registration is closed.


Formal Recruitment 2014 dates are from  August 18 to August 23.  Registration will open on May 19, and close on July 19, 2014.  For further details log on to .


Please fill out all of the available fields.  Failure to do so will reduce your chances of  receiving an invitation from each chapter.  Particular fields  you should pay attention to are the ACT/SAT fields, as well as all activitiy fields.


If you wish to update your application, you can do so by logging into your account, and clicking on 'manage profile' at the bottom of the page.  After your initial submission, changes to your application may not be seen by chapters, as most review them in a timely fashion.


Keep in mind that partial application submissions are not saved.  You must complete your application and pay the $80 registration fee in one sitting.  Note that changes to your application after the initial submission may not be seen by all chapters.